ESE 135: Topics in Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics


The Warming Papers: The Scientific Foundation for the Climate Change Forecast, edited by David Archer and Raymond Pierrehumbert


Part I: Climate Physics
1 04/03/19 The Greenhouse Effect Clare
2 04/05/19 Wagging the Dog Katrina
3 04/10/19 By the Light of the Silvery Moon Lily
4 04/12/19 Radiative Transfer Newton
5 04/17/19 The Balance of Energy Emmet
6 04/19/19 The Birth of the General Circulation Climate Model Akshay/Lenka
7 04/24/19 Aerosols Zhaoyi
8 04/26/19 Ocean Heat Uptake and Committed Warming Sara
9 05/01/19 Taking Earth’s Temperature Jia
10 05/03/19 Ice Sheets and Sea Level Zach
11 05/08/19 The Public Statement Ollie
Part II: The Carbon Cycle
12 05/10/19 The Sky is Rising! Clare
13 05/15/19 Denial and Acceptance Anna
14 05/17/19 Bookends Zach
15 05/22/19 One If by Land Katrina
16 05/24/19 Two If by Sea Lily/Newton
17 05/29/19 On Ocean pH Sara
18 05/31/19 Tiny Bubbles Ollie

Discussion questions

  • What was the historical context of the paper(s), scientific and otherwise?
  • What analysis or argument is presented?
  • What was the contribution to our understanding of the climate system and its change?
  • What was incorrect or inaccurate?
  • What else did you find interesting?


If you would like to discuss a chapter before presenting it to the group, please let me know. You can email me at or find me in my office in 221 Linde + Robinson.

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